Welcome and be prepared, Last Minute Entry’s arrival to the fast cyber world is coming soon!!  This site which is run by me Heather, is going to feature contest that end in the coming days.  Yes, I know there are sites that list contests that end all the time or years out.  I want to list contests, that end in the future.  Contests that when you get that lucky email in a few days that says you are a winner, you may have some clue what the item you won is from. 

All I ask is that if you win something from entering one of the contest that I post, is that you email you what you won and when you won.  I would love to get a tab of LASTMINUTEENTRY winners on top of this page.

Why am I doing this site??  I love entering contest, and love winning, and want to share with everyone sites that you may not know.  I wont be able to list them all, but I hope to have enough, so that if you stop by and visit, you will have quit a few choices on contest to enter. 

In the last few years I have won tons of items from all over.  Books, food, Tires for my vehicle, silverware, toys, notebook computer, and tons more.   Did I say tires??? Yes, they shipped me the size I needed to my door.   Did I say computer??  Yuppers, a brand new labtop.   Some of the stuff I have used.  Some I have gifted to friends or family, but either way, its nice to see a carrier deliver me a package.  

I hope you enjoy, and questions or comments or any other questions, feel free to email me at heather@lastminuteentry.com

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