Welcome to Last Minute Entry .com.  My name is Heather, I love entering to win contest or free stuff.  I have won many items through the years.  When I enter things on a regular basis, I can expect to get something each week.  Some of the items I use, and some of the items I gift out.  

Why oh why am I doing a blog??  Some say I am crazy.  Some say I am nuts.  I just want to help others out  so they can win too.  I keep tabs on contests galore.  My goal is to list contest or freebies that will be ending soon.   Some go on for days or months, I just want to let you know the ones that will be ending in the next few days. 

I see blogs and sites out there that charge to get these contests, I want to do it for free.  I see this as a challenge, I see tons of blogs with tons of followers, and I want to be like them, but unique in a way..  

Thanks for your time and I hope you enjoy your first of many visits!!  :)

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